2 Brand New Muse Headbands with Dirty Sensors



I ordered a new Muse from Amazon over the weekend. After unwrapping it, I was surprised to find that the forehead sensors were dirty, as if the product had been previously used (see first photo below). I assumed it was a return that the company repackaged and resold as new, so I requested an exchange via Amazon.

Today, I received my replacement Muse (also sealed in plastic) and found that it too had dirty forehead sensors (see second photo below)!!

Can anyone confirm that the grime visible in the two headbands below should not be present on new units? Any idea of what might be going on? Both of these headbands were sold by Amazon directly, so there is no 3rd party reseller involved.

Thanks for the input!


Some of the silver electrodes on the headbands can experience mild oxidation before they even leave the factory where they are produced. This does also tend to happen over time but this should not affect the health of the sensor itself, so as long as you are not experiencing too many drops in signal quality during your meditations, it should not be an issue.

Conversely if you would like to remove it, you could use silver polish on the sensors. Walmart has a few brands of silver polish or cream that you can use, such as the below:

If you are experiencing issues with the headband please reach out to our Customer Care team at http://www.choosemuse.com/contactsupport and they can investigate further.


It’s not easy to explain. It’s weird. I had the sensor area intact. It is possible to manufacture Mie someone tested it with dirty hair?


There was a company with a Sleep unit and headset that had sensor pads with a limited lifetime. It was a great device, but the company folded as it didn’t “make” you sleep better, but only told you if you slep well or not, with advice on how to change your daily life to sleep better. I was on their Consumer Advisory Board.

The Lifetime of this headset has not been defined, but the other sensors didn’t last more than a few months. They were snap-on pads that could change out as needed when the unit detected low performance.

Will Muse last the Year Warranty and expire thereafter, or keep going for years?


I bought my Muse from Amazon and my forehead sensors were also discolored brown and there were some scratches on the unit near the right ear. It has trouble detecting the front 2 side sensors. However, the front sensor and the ear sensor no problem detecting. I need to spend a few minutes each time, adjusting the headband until it can detect the front side sensors.