2 questions



Firstly sorry for my English, it is not my native language.

I am very interested in Muse but before buying I have 2 questions:

-I suppose that many applications are being developed. Is it be possible to view the recording of waves alpha-theta-beta-delta-gamma during a meditation (mine) ? I am aware that the raw data are for programmers and difficult to interpret but can we get the “Active / Relax” and view these 5 waves.

-What is the autonomy of Muse?

thank you


I am very glad you asked this question as I was curious about the same thing. Your English is good.


Thank you for non-response :
So I guess the answer to my first question is “no” and the second “very limited” :-))


Sorry about the delay Vivmart.

With the elements DSP package in the new SDK it is possible to get the band power data for the classic EEG bands. You can see more details on our developer page: http://developer.choosemuse.com

I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean by “autonomy.” Can you clarify?