2016 Headband Museplayer MATLAB issues

I have just received my 2016 headband, as it is not compataible with MUSE IO does any body know how I can get the files into MATLAB and EEG lab for 2D and 3D plotting etc ??

I have tried saving the muse player recordings as .mat files as well and this does not worm either.

Please help

You can use Muse Monitor to record to Interaxon’s “.Muse” file format, which can then be converted to matlab format with Muse Player.

The Muse Player conversion command you’ll need will be:
muse-player.exe -q -v -f recording.muse -M output.matlab

Note that there is currently a bug in Muse Player which prevents conversion of non-ASCII characters. I have re-compiled a fixed version, which is available in this post if you need it.

Alternatively Muse Monitor also supports sending the data via an OSC network stream, but I have not set this up myself with MatLab so can not provide instructions (yet!) :wink:

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Thanks for the reply

I have recorded some data with the muse monitor and sent the file to my desktop. It has saved as a .muse file but when I open muse player it will not let me input any commands at all.

Am I supposed to be inputting that command directly into MATLAB?
Sorry I am a newbie. Is there some sort of step by step guid for this ?


Muse Player is a command line app. You have to open terminal, navigate to the folder you installed it using the command line, then run it from there.

If you’ve never used the command line before, I would advise you get a computer savvy friend to help you get started as it is quite a jump from using the standard graphic interface.

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Ok so I have managed to get my head around command line and have navigated to the location of the muse-player file. Do I need to download python to run it. Or do I input that code with the nano command ?

No python needed, just run it. I’d recommend copying the recording files into the same folder to make it easier, then you won’t have to enter a big long path in the command line.

Sorry I just read over my last message and had to edit it. So I am locating muse-player in terminal. And then running it with command ‘nano’ to edit in the code that you shared ? If not nano then what is the command to run it ?


Just type the commands into the terminal.