2016 version not paring with anything, win7, win10, osX10.6.8, android4.4.2


I have a great problem now and I’d like to explain:

A few years ago, I buy one muse sensor for research and make audio and video compositions with some custom software I developed, I had no problem with that version of muse (2014) and send OSC messages to my own software (made with Processing and SuperCollider)

Now, for the project we are currently working, I buy 4 muse sensor (2016), and the thing is that I can’t even make a bluetooth connection, I try it with macOSx 10.6.8, Win 7, Win 10, android4.4.2 … and NO ONE OF THIS OS DETECT ANY OF THOSE 4 MUSE SENSORS

I hate to say it, but I’m in a rush because this is for a scholarship, in the forum there are no answer and nothing to help me to solve it.

Hope you can tell me a direction to take with this matter.

Thanks in advanced.


You can get this from MuseMonitor, a 3rd party app for iOS and Android. It costs $15 or so, but it will output CSV, and the developer often posts here on this forum. I did the same thing: purchased a Muse for research, and found it would not connect with anything. MuseMonitor fills the gap for now.
Good luck!


The new 2016 Muse uses Bluetooth LE, so you’ll need to make sure your device supports LE and also use the very latest version of the Interaxon SDK.

Support for the new Muse was added in LibMuse 5.4.0 released on April 12, 2016, so any version prior to that just won’t see the new Muse. The way you connect to devices changed quite a bit with that update, so I’d recommend doing a delta compare of the sample projects from both your old and the new version, to figure out what you need to update.

Or just use my Muse Monitor app (iOS) (Android) and tap the Stream button :wink:


Hi all¡

After some struggles, I update my system to win 10 and now I can connect the muse with the SDK, in fact is too simple.

I’m working on a tool to connect the muse SDK with OSC, to send the data to another application, maybe in the future I’ll share the application for windows, or something like that.

The application can send the data vía OSC and works good.



In your initial post you said that Muse 2016 doesn’t connect to Win 10 - now it idoes - what have you changed? My Muse 2016 still doesn’t pair under Win 10 (latest BT driver installed).