95% Calm on 1st Session - Contact kept interrupting session


I just bought the Muse meditation headband & tried it for the first time (95% calm & lots of chirping birdies)

Quite frustrating because my session kept getting interrupted due of poor contact
I found this very strange because I wasn’t moving at all
Anyone else dealing with this ?

I can’t get the devise any tighter, I had it on the tightest application, because of this it really hurts behind my ears :ear:
Even on the tightest setting
Even with a clean forehead & damp water on the electrodes, it still kept getting poor signal alerts :frowning:


I’ve also had this problem of unrelaiblity and problems with connectivity, one time it works great and the next time I can’t get it to connect to the brain waves at all after an hour of trying… Wetting the band and tighness don’t seem to effect it the same way each time. Any one have any more detailed accounts of how to get it to read the brain wave reliably.


I tried it again & again the same issue :frowning: Because of these interruptions, I’m finding the band to be counter productive. Instead of assisting a deeper state, it keeps breaking the state all together :frowning:

I love the innovative idea & inception of this tool!
From where I’m sitting, it still needs work before it can function effectively . It’s too bad because I was super exited about the product when I purchased it and now it doesn’t look like I’ll use it much :frowning:


I finally got my muse working reliably by first putting it over my ears and making sure that the back had contact with my ear and then tightening it up the sensors on my for head. not too tight but engaged. I stopped wetting my forehead or the sensors that didn’t seem to help me. What helped was engaging the part that loops against the ears which I read somewhere needs contact for the sensors to work. Since I did that it works reliably both connecting as staying connected, although some times just tensing muscles can cause the drop in signal quality message. Hope this helps