A Big Drawback of the MUSE


Specifically, it does a poor job of filtering out “noise” related to eye and jaw movements.
It really isn’t just measuring one’s focus and attention but also the relative stillness of the facial muscles especially the eye.
You can have a relatively strong concentration session and still have a relatively low score due to eye movement.
Some days I find it difficult to control and relax eyelids for example and this will definitely impact the score for a session.
I wish MUSE had a way of ignoring these kinds of movements.
Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with this issue ?


You’re right - but to their defense, this is normal with EEG gear - I don’t know of any products that do not behave like this.

I think all you can do is to learn to decouple tension from concentration, which is necessary for deep meditation anyway. Those who are able to achieve deep absorption states all agree that a relaxed, very still body is a requirement in order to reach those depths. So I try to see it as another challenge on the way to better insight into and a better relation with the body and mind.


Thank you.
I read somewhere that it is possible to filter these “artifacts” out with more sensitive equipment.
But of course, the MUSE is an entry level piece of equipment.
More important, as you rightly say, posture and relaxation are critical to long-term success and deeper states in any event.
I am working on this and making some slow progress stabilizing the posture and relaxing the jaw and face.
Keeping the eyelids close and relaxed is a bigger challenge … so far.