A new type of sensor for enuresis?


I’m writing as a psychologist who bought Muse and is impressed with the product! An idea crossed my mind today and if your technicians can come up with a working model I have a client who would LOVE to test-drive it with her autistic 11 year old boy, who still has bed wetting issues (as many do).

In theory it seems possible that correctly-placed sensors in an absorbent belt with a waterproof lining for the miniature board/power source that would be worn similarly to the Lullabelly product (Lullabelly.com) would be able to tune in to bladder signals to the brain that distension is present and urination is imminent … and trigger an alarm.

If you make, they will buy, I’m sure. This is a problem that can be rather resistant to treatment, especially in dual or multiple diagnosis cases.