A prototype game with Muse EEG component

Hi all. I have made a prototype of a action pixel styled game which has a module using EEG concentration control.
The EEG implementation currently is only on android phone. (Windows version is not implemented yet)
You can download the apk file from this link and try it out:

Remember to pair you muse with phone before you play the game. It will auto connect to you muse head set. An indicator is at left top corner of the screen.
The game is tough. Hope you enjoy the concentrating time during the game.
If possible, please let me know your comments and feedback on the game as well as experience on the EEG control.
Thank you.

Emmm seems no feedback so far.
The download is free. You can ignore the donation hint which is default set on itch.io. :sweat_smile:

I’d love to give it a go, it looks really interesting! But I have a Muse 2, and attempting to connect to the game with the headband caused it to crash. Hopefully there’ll be an available SDK for the M2 in the future. Best of luck!

Hi Nick. Glad to hear somebody finally played the game.Thanks a lot! My development is based on the previous SDK which is compatible with the original muse. :disappointed_relieved: What a pity!

I’d love to give it a try soon! Maybe tomorrow if i got the time :slight_smile:

Crashes with Muse 2 on Pixel 3

Sorry to hear that Ralph, my game is developed using the old SDK which only compatible with muse original. :disappointed_relieved:

hi, i cant conected whit muse 2 in huawei mate 10 pro, i have a question, why the app whats my location ?, i would give a try later whit the muse 1

Hi, thanks for the feedback. For the location,may be i put the permission wrongly… Don’t worry, it won’t collect or upload anything. I think you can just deny the permission request. :sweat_smile:
Hope you enjoy the game with muse1.

hi it doesnt contect whit my muse 1 stay in conecting sign

Maybe you can try to remove paired muse and pair it again.
I did not face this issue before.