Absolute alpha brainwave into format ready for EEG analysis?

hi all,

i am starting a research project where i want to collect absolute alpha wave via muse headband and muse direct.

i am able to grab all the data, yay!

but i ran into a problem >>> i don’t know what is the best format/strategy/software to interpret the raw data from muse direct to then analyse and pass on to my statistician.

can anyone help?
the muse customer support won’t help me with this.

as far as i can tell there are different file types that go with certain softwares, but i am unclear what is best for me. seems like CSD can work with Excel etc, but i am unsure how to grab only the information that i want (absolute alpha wave).

thank you very much!

If your research project is “not real-time processing”, I recommend the following procedure.

  1. Record meditations with Muse Monitor and get Excel csv file after meditation. The file contains raw data and absolute alpha data etc.
  2. Read the above Excel csv file into MATLAB.
  3. Whether you want raw data or absolute alpha data, you can process them freely with MATLAB.

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