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I’ve been using the muse app (Android) for a few days now, and I’d like to know if it’s possible to access to the collected data saved during these sessions ?

The only possibility I’ve found yet is their removal from Interaxon servers:

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As far as I’m aware Interaxon does not have a website or app feature for you to easily access your data.

That said, legally speaking, you can request a copy of your data at any time under the Canadian Privacy Act. Interaxon would then be required to respond within 30 days and at minimal or no cost to you.

Practically speaking, if the raw data is what you’re after, then Muse Monitor will give you instant access to your brainwave data without jumping through any legal hoops! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Enigma644 for your answer.

Your software appears a lot during my research for a better solution than official muse app, I’ll probably try it in the next few days, my 1st android app purchase :slight_smile:

Is the visual feedback enough to work on mindfulness ?
Or is it possible/better to plug some sound effects (like in official muse app) using OSC ? (I’m not familiar with OSC, but it’s probably easy to plug it somewhere on linux)


Unfortunately Muse Monitor is not able to show a calmness level as Interaxon have not given developers access to any algorithms. As such Muse Monitor is better geared for general neuroscience research.

I have added my own implementation of Interaxon’s deprecated “Mellow” and “Concentration” algorithms, but these are nowhere near as good as Interaxon’s calm algorithm, so if mindfullness is your endgame; until a 3rd party releases an open source calm algorithm, I think Interaxon’s calm app is your best bet.


Thanks a lot for your app, here is what I was able to do thanks to it :slight_smile:

More info :


That’s cool :slight_smile:
If you’ve got ideas for visualizations of the data files, let me know and I might add it to the online charting.