Accessing DSP OSC channels


Hey all -

I managed to get muse-io (3.4.0) running and talking to a local golang OSC server - many of the OSC channels work, but I’m having some trouble with a few of the dsp ones.
In particular, running this results in:
$ muse-io --device <mac address> --osc osc.udp://localhost:5000 --preset 14 --dsp

OSC messages will be emitted over OSC to paths:

connecting to the channels above works fine (e.g. /eeg lists the floats, and timestamps if I add --osc-timestamp)
however there are a number of paths listed at which don’t seem to be available?
e.g. /muse/dsp/blink, /muse/dsp/status_indicator - are there any flags that can turn these on?

additionally, the /dropped_samples appear to not be sending any OSC messages even with --osc-enable-dropped, should anything else be needed before OSC data will be sent to those paths?
unfortunately, I can’t oscdump as it seems to be trying to read from /home/matt?

Thanks! Despite these issues, the eeg channel is working nicely, and it was rather cool to have graphs of activity working on the first day! :slight_smile:


Hey! Some of the algorithm features are to-be-released still. I’m sorry but I guess the docs aren’t reflecting what’s actually there, it needs to be updated.

What platform are you on? Can you post me your terminal dump for oscdump?


I ran into this also:


Apologies for the delay - unfortunately my partition corrupted so I had to reinstall everything.
Unfortunately, trying the 2.4.2 linux install, I get nothing when running it (i.e. after chmod a+x, running the file has no output and muse-io isn’t installed) so it’s a bit hard to reproduce the errors.

If it helps, my platform is Ubuntu 14.04, on an x86_64
The original install was on an older Ubuntu version (i.e. pre-14), although I don’t recall which.