Accessing my .muse data while running the CALM app



I’ve just started using the CALM app over the last week and I’ve done a lot of sessions. Is it possible to access the recordings of these sessions somehow?

I know that it’s not possible to use a second app (like muse monitor) to record from the headset on Android as bluetooth on that os only allows one apps to subscribe to it - thanks a lot Enigma for sharing this with me :slight_smile:

So is there any way to record my data somehow while using the CALM app, so I get/keep raw EGG recordings of my sessions as .muse files for offline analysis? I’d be happy to use a second client/computer, (along with my Android phone), as I’ve got Linux32/64 machines that I could use.

Thanks a lot for your help,



Hey AjayT,

Currently it’s not possible to access your raw EEG for your sessions from the Muse app.