Accessing participant data


I am interested in doing research with MUSE with multiple research participants over 8 weeks. My question relates to how I, as the researcher, can access to each of the participant’s individual data collected by the device so that I can also link it to some self-report questionnaires I will have the participants complete. Can MUSE provide each participant with a unique ID (or can I provide the ID) so that I can use it to identify the participant and then link the MUSE data to their other data? The data that I would be interested in collecting is the EEG results from each session as well as time stamps of the day and time of each of their sessions over the 8 weeks.
Thanks in advance. Mark


So far as I’m aware there is no way to get full access to a Interaxon’s users session data. You would have to record the data yourself with a 3rd party app such as my Muse Monitor.

For the scenario above, you can set up Muse Monitor on multiple users devices to upload all to the same dropbox account, but each with a unique file name prefix (which can changed via Muse Monitor’s advanced Settings).