Accurate Time Marker for EyeLink 1000 and Muse


Hi, I am trying to link the Muse to the EyeLink 1000 system.

Does anyone know if there is a way to send a trigger from Matlab (the system running the experiment protocol) to both the EyeLink and the Muse headset at the same time in order to mark the beginning and end of each trial within a block?

My experiment involves tracking eye movement during the performance of various eye movement tasks (prosaccade, antisaccade, memory-guided). We are hoping to look at each individual’s EEG activity during the performance of these tasks. This means that I need to have very precise time marking (in milliseconds) so that I know when a specific trial has started and ended on the EEG trace. In other words, I want to look at a person’s brain activity during the performance of each trial, and within each block of trials, there will be hundreds of trials, each lasting a few seconds.
Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Cindy,

There are a number of approaches to doing this. Have you tried emailing about the way some people have done event synchrony with Muse?