Acer Iconia tablet bluetooth problem


I have been using a Muse for some time now with a Sony Xperia Z tablet - with no problems.

Recently, I’ve been trying to get the Muse to work with another tablet - an Acer Iconia B1.710 (Acer Iconia B1 is included in the list of compatible devices.) With this set-up, I’m having major problems: the bluetooth connection keeps dropping out during a session I get the message about “the session has been suspended due to poor data quality” - or whatever it says - however, when I look at the screen, the inverted horseshoe display just has an ! in it. When I check the Muse, the LEDs are all lit steadily, indicating that it thinks it’s still connected. The only way I can get it working again is to switch off the Muse, switch it back on, so that it goes into “connecting” mode, and then wait for the tablet to reconnect to
it - which happens in a few seconds. I then have to put the Muse back on, and wait for the contacts to settle down. All this is not particularly conducive to a calm session!!)

I wondered if the bluetooth hardware on the tablet, and/or the android driver, might be at fault - so I paired the tablet with a bluetooth speaker and then played a long piece of music through it: it all went without a problem.

Has anyone else tried Muse with this tablet (or similar) and if so, did you experience any bluetooth problems? If so, was there a fix? (I did wonder if my other tablet, which knows about the Muse might be trying to connect to it and causing some kind of bluetooth conflict - so I turned it off before trying a session with the new tablet. This didn’t seem to help.

(One thing which concerns me is that the Muse Calm app doesn’t seem to be able to tell the difference between “poor data quality” and a completely borked bluetooth link.)


I’d check the battery on the muse is fully charged. I have only had connectivity problems with a low battery.


Thanks for the reply. I did consider this when the problem first happened, and ensured that both the Muse and the tablet were at 100% charge. It didn’t make any obvious difference.

Worth mentioning that I’ve now bought another tablet (Samsung Tab 3 Lite) and I’m going to try the Muse with that. (I actually have 3 Muse headbands - I was so impressed with it that I wanted to be able to allow friends and colleagues to try it - so I can rule out the possibility of a fault in the headband.)