Add eventmarkers

as I want to create an ERP from my selfrecorded brainwaves, I would like to know how I can set eventmarkers on my raw data. The signals which I have recorded with MindMonitor don’t have any eventmarkers. I am working with eeglab.
Can anyone help me with this problem?

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If you go almost to the bottom of Mind Monitor’s setting screen you will see an option to enable “Marker Buttons”.

This will give you five numbered buttons which you can use to inject data markers into the recording/stream.

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@Enigma644 Thank you for your reply!
I have tried it out but I couldnt see any eventmarkers by plotting it on eeglab. I can see the markers only on the online Mind Monitor website. In eeglab dont.

I’m not used eeglab myself, so I’m not sure how you need to set up marker plotting. The data is definitely there, as you can tell, so it should be fairly simple.

@Enigma644 May I ask what programms you use to analyze your brainwaves?

You can make charts of Mind Monitor CSV data on the website here: