Advice for using Muse in my senior project


I’m a computer science student in my senior year and I would like to use Muse in my Senior Project to make a game but I’m not sure if it’s a wise decision considering the native mobile SDK’s aren’t out yet. Any advice from people who’ve used the current SDK regarding this concern would be really welcome! Also, how long would the Muse take to ship if I were to order it in say, the next week or so?

Thanks a lot!


Hi there,

It is possible to build a working prototype of a Muse app on mobile right now without the native libraries by using the MuseIOReceiver tools: These tools receive Muse OSC data from a computer on a mobile device. You connect Muse to a computer and relay the messages to the mobile device. This could be totally sufficient for prototype and demonstration purposes.

The Android SDK is nearly ready for its first release. I would give it a week or so (but software development is an unpredictable beast). The iOS SDK will follow it some time after. If you need to get started as soon as possible, I would recommend using the MuseIOReceiver tools as your Muse connection layer for now. When at some point the mobile SDK you need becomes available, you can replace the MuseIOReceiver stuff with the Bluetooth connection code from that SDK.

Shipping times vary based on your location and the type of shipping that you select. The online ordering system should provide some more info.


Thank you so much for your elaborate response. I really appreciate it!

I was wondering, is there any research yet regarding the validation of the use of the Muse compared to EEG devices?


We’ve compared Muse to a clinical grade EEG system before. From a previous post on the subject:

…we’ve actually performed tests comparing Muse’s signal quality and performance to that of a clinical-grade EEG system (the BrainVision actiChamp/actiCAP system) which showed that they were quite similar. See the attached images for more info. One is a spectral comparison, and one is a time-domain comparison, both with electrodes from Muse and the actiChamp recording simultaneously from the same location. Note how well they compare.


Thank you for the provided information!