Alpha/Beta etc


New to the Forum and scrolled through some posts to find the answer which I am sure is here in several posts.
My purpose for getting the Muse at prtesent is to check out the “Brain Entrainment” therory in sound therapy/binural beats etc and to check out my own products to be sure my data is correct.

I have seen a screenshot on Muse Monitor that given Alpha/Beta etc graphical so question is: Is monitor the only app that does this? If not what others are there and from your own experiences which is the best and most user friendly?

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I like Muse Monitor best, but then I wrote it :wink:
I’ve also recently added an online graphing to my website, to make it easy to see fully graphed charts of your recordings. So you could record 10 minutes of “normal” activity, then 10 minute while listening to different audio tracks and compare the difference.


Is monitor the only APP for Muse that gives this type of information.

I like the idea of normal then listening.

My Muse set has not arrived just yet although I have ordered it after some deliberation between:

NeuroSky Mobile
Emotiv Insight

So hope I have chosen wisely for my application as I am also looking to work with Students and Education.

Do I just use Muse with Monitor direct?



Muse Monitor works directly with the Muse Headband. Just close the Interaxon Calm app (double tap home and swipe it off the screen), then launch Muse Monitor.