Alpha / HSI_PRECISION packets not written by MuseFileWriter?


Hey folks - I’m working on an Android library that builds ontop of the Muse SDK.

As part of that, I’m enabling recording by listening to muse data packets and writing hem out via MuseFileWriter, howver I’m not seeing the packets once the result is converted to CSV. i.e the process is:

  1. Register a MuseDataListener to the device, for given MuseDataPacketType-s
  2. Open a MuseFileWriter and forward through data
  3. Convert to readable format with muse-player -f recording.muse -C recording.csv

When using MuseDataPacketType.EEG this works fine (/muse/eeg values appear), but with either ALPHA_RELATIVE or HSI_PRECISION, none of these show up in the final csv. Is this intended, or a bug? (either in the writer or in muse-player).

If it helps: I’m on linux, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, using the most recent android SDK and muse-player is v1.8.4
Also of note: despite both ending up empty after conversion to CSV, ~5 seconds of ALPHA_RELATIVE/HSI_PRECISION data recorded in a .muse file is ~6.6kb, whereas ~15s of the same data being recorded is ~20kb, so perhaps the data is being recorded to .muse, just that muse-player is not writing it back out correctly?

Also of note: recording both (i.e. EEG and ALPHA_RELATIVE), only the EEG data shows up when converted to CSV.


same problem