Alpha Score


Out of curiosity, what is AlphaScore? Is it just the sum of all alpha relative values or is there some more documentation on where I can find out more about “score” values.

Is this the value the actual Muse App uses to detect mindfulness or is that not publicly available?



Alpha is the power reading from the sensors in the Alpha brainwave band. You can read more about the score here:

And more about the brainwave significance here:

Unfortunately, the Muse docs are not super helpful in giving guidance on translating or interpreting the power readings.

Also available are readings for delta, theta, beta, and gamma.


Thank you for the link. I had missed it in the docs sadly.

I think I get it now… it just helps give you a fractional “score” based off of the range the user has shown so far. It does mention after 10s it doesn’t really use “old” data, but I assume this just means because it has a distribution made by then by the user.