Am I doing it right?


So thank you very much for making Muse, you have no idea how much it’s helping me in school and just meditation in general.

I have a question regarding how I breath and its effects on muse itself,

I understand breathing as an effect on my brainwaves as stated by the calm app

however, ive discovered a new way of breathing (at least for me iam sure theres a pranayama technique out there that is exactly what i am doing)

When I breath this new way which is in-1sec hold-out and repeat, the Muse Calm app is reporting I am reaching calm and neutral states with barley any active time.

Is this truly me becoming calm or am I just confusing muse’s algorithms and not actually getting any benefit

I do count my breaths, and with this new way of breathing I can actually stop the winds from blowing.

If I do deep breaths I feel calmer in my mind, but the muse says I am all crazy lol and If I count my breaths with deep breathing I make the winds worse :o

Do you guys have any thoughts?
amIdoingitright? :stuck_out_tongue:


OK ,I am a meditation teacher ,from china
I have not receive my muse ,so I only give you some Suggestions.
About breaths,I think Free breathing is better than any ways if you want to calm for a long time .

in the begin ,you can inhale for 3 seconds then hold your breath about 3s then exhale for 3s,The time is flexible ,you can change it in you opinion for feel well,you can do this excise for 3min.

but ,the next excise count your breaths ,free breathing is important. though it is difficult for new people ,you can fight this question for some days,it important for next excise .

forgive my poor english.


It’s okay as long as you know what I am saying :stuck_out_tongue:

I do the 3 second inhale and hold for 3 then exhale for 3 but muse makes the winds blow harder


Attention is the most important in all exercise . so if you count your breath,you have to focus on your breath and relaxing.

muse just a tool ,if you want to calm for a long time ,From the basic practice.

I have to wiat 14 days to receive my muse .so please wait some days.


Muse is measuring your brain activity – the breathing is an anchor that gives your mind something to focus on, so lots of types of breathing could work, as it’s really what your mind is doing that’s important.

It’s worth noting that the instructions don’t say to breathe deeply. They simply say to place attention on your breath, and not to change your breathing. Just let your body breathe.

Often people assume that this kind of exercise requires really deep breathing, but that isn’t the case. Simply become aware of your breathing without changing it.

Avoid being rigid with your breathing – just let your body breathe without controlling how it breathes.