Amplitude versus frequency


  1. After a session muse app gives a graph, which basically measures the amplitude of the wave and categorizes it into “Active” , “Neutral” or " Calm". But the various brain waves namely Alpha, Beta , Gamma, Delta and other are based on the frequency.

  2. Now my amplitude remains low that means I am in calm zone but the frequency is high which means I am in Alpha or Beta. So why does not the MUSE Headband take frequency also into consideration for giving out mind state .


Muse is essentially an Alpha trainer, and the Calm metric is determined based on Alpha power and variability compared to your baseline at the beginning of the session.


But I thought the aim of meditation is to achieve Delta or Theta stages and alpha is an active brain State


I wouldn’t really call the target state for Muse meditation, unfortunately. It’s more akin to the process of becoming more aware of one’s body and breath that it typically done for 5 minutes or so before one begins to meditate in earnest.


so what I understand is that muse app as such will display Alpha wave only but the muse headband can measure all types of brainwaves.
Even if someone achieves higher level of Delta waves , still muse app with measure Alpha wave ?


Yes, exactly


Can app be tweaked to measure or filter the brainwave I want to work on ?


Unfortunately no