An App for Registering brainwave frequencies?


Does anybody have news on a simple app for reading simple brainwave frequencies?

That is actually why I bought this and its very disheartening to see that its a simple platform for basic meditation:(

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I’m with you on that one; come on Muse team, get it on! Although I must say the calm app is effective and well done, now do as much for recording raw and fft on mobile devices and computers. I know MuseLab can do this but we really need a more straightforward way.


@ morry and @ unawoo. Follow me on twitter @costprop. I’m solving some of your beefs in the coming months. Keep watching. I’ll value your feedback.


Hi Kaustin,

I do not use twitter:(, any chance you can email me when ready and I would be very happy to provide feedback for you:)

I appreciate your efforts!!!



Download the sdk and look at Muse Lab, etc. ( it’s not an app, but if you’ve got a computer…


Thanks to the sun but…

  1. the whole point of this was to be mobile, not tethered to a PC


  1. I did try the complicated SDK, I followed all instructions to the letter and it would not work for me


Fully agree with Morry - just having the calm app is NOT enough. Looks like Melon has exactly want I want (tracks activities/entrainment/supplements to focus state)… but really - is buying another headset for what should be a natural complimentary app the CALM (i.e. FOCUS) reasonable?

At a minimum, just a generic app that records and simply tells us how focused, calm, whatever else we were during a period of time would work for me… no need for a specific and limited app that tries to achieve one thing (calm or focus)


Hi there,

We’re working hard on getting native iOS and Android libraries (with example apps) ready for release. We should have something fun for developers to sink their teeth into early in the new year. We’ll keep you posted here on the forum and on our developer site!

Also, we just yesterday released an update to the SDK which dramatically simplifies the installation procedure and adds some interesting new experimental features. Check it out here:


WE NEED ALSO WINDOW 8 Phone SDK. I have tested that it works with a 8.1 window phone-> the bluetooth connect.


Hey DavTomas,

Replied to you on the Windows Phone question here:

To reiterate, there are no plans to support Calm or the Muse SDK for Windows Phone.


Windows 8.1 phone is currently supported by community MUSE developers ( great jobs To [B]Hashmeer and DavidVivancos)[/B]


I was hoping there would be an app that allows one to know over a time of user specification, the profile of our brainwaves states, e.g. when and how long one might be in Gamma/Beta/Alpha/Theta. I really want to use Muse to understand where my mind is when I test various approaches to meditation.

I’m sure this is achievable using the SDK? Does anyone have any profiles set up that would do this? Is my understanding right this may involve tracking the relative frequency bands for each state to determine which is close to a value of 1?

I’m hoping for an app that will easily allow a view of frequency states over a user specified and customised session.


Hey there,

Just dropping in a quick plug for Muse Monitor, which lets you observe and record raw Muse data on mobile:



Hi Tom, do you know if the muse monitor can run together with the calm app in the background? I’m interested in recording raw data from the calm sessions.



No, that’s not possible, I’m afraid. There is no way that I know of to separately record raw data while connected to and using the Muse app.