Analysis options, Bluetooth devices, and Multiple Data Streams


Hi everyone! First, let me just say I think it’s great that a canadian tech company like Interaxxon is leading the way in this field of mobile neurofeedback. I also love the business strategy of having an open SDK and the overall strategy and lower/accessible pricepoint and leveraging mobile technology.

Q1) Can streams of EEG data generated by the Muse (in mobile sensor mode) be exported and then analyzed by other software tools? EX: I’m looking at the Brainstorm application, which is an open source application based out of the efforts the McConnel Institute in Montreal (out of McGill). Could Muse EEG data be analyzed in the Brainstorm application?

Q2) Can the Muse hooked up to any Bluetooth device, or only iOS and Android mobile devices that can download and use the app? EX: my laptop can connect to Bluetooth devices. Could this run the needed Muse applications to collect Muse headband sensor data?

Q3) (this is probably the most important business question). Is there way to have a single device collect multiple streams of Muse headband data? I’m looking very closing at using Muse for small teams (3-10 adults) and classrooms (20-30 kids) and it would be much cheaper and simpler if I could have a single device collect many people at once- best case scenario being a single laptop collecting a whole room of 30 people’s data. Or, is this possible but doesn’t yet exist and simply needs to be created using C# and the SDK?

Thanks for the help everyone! Also, my name is Robert Ogilvie and I’m a Project Manager and Professional Coach based out of Fredericton, NB- so feel free to reach out if you think we have some professional or research alignment. You can find me here on facebook or here on LinkedIn



Currently the Windows/Mac developer tools only support the older MU-01 Muse headbands. As such you can only connect to the new MU-02 BlueTooth LE headbands with mobile devices written using the Android/iOS SDK.

If you want to access raw data from the new model muse (or the older one!), you can use my Muse Monitor app for Android or iOS.

For a classroom situation, Muse Monitor will allow you to stream OSC data to a central server for further analysis. Muse Monitor is designed to only connect to a single headband at a time, so you will need one mobile device for each headband.

As well as streaming, Muse Monitor shows various views of the data on the mobile device including real time FFT. You can also record to the device for later upload.

If you wanted to code something yourself to connect to multiple devices at once, this should be possible in theory once Interaxon update the SDK, but you would likely run into issues with Bluetooth bandwidth and possibly even physical range issues if you have a classroom of 30 people.