Android right Aux EEG not showing Data


Hey! I’m using a Muse 2016 with the android sample app on my android phone. I want to connect an additional electrode and bought all the parts and use a micro USB on pin 4. I want to access the data trough the buffer of the EEG like this:

Log.i(TAG, “EEG - Aux” + eegBuffer[5]);

Nevertheless, when using the app and trying to access the EEG data of the right auxiliary i get the NaN (not a number) value, meaning there is no signal. Is there anything I have to do to “activate” the right Auxiliary to read any data?

Thanks in advance!


Make sure you’re using a preset that supports AUX output:

For the 2016 Muse, you want preset 20.
According to the docs, the default if you don’t set it is 21, which doesn’t have Aux.


Now It works! Thanks a lot!


Is it possible to get the frequency bands as well? When I want to display the alpha value it still shoes the initial value 0.0