Android SDK data


I’m trying out the Android SDK for my Muse
Is it correct that the sdk only offers raw eeg data and not fft or band power data?
If so can you help us the code to calculate the band powers?


You can find the MuseDataPacket types here:

Absolute or Relative band powers are available, but if you want to calculate discrete frequency power like I do in Muse Monitor, you will have to calculate those FFT’s yourself.

Note that you have to enable each packet type separately during initialisation with a data listener e.g. muse.registerDataListener(dataListener,MuseDataPacketType.ALPHA_ABSOLUTE);.


Is there any formula/algorithm available for calculating these frequency powers? It would be really helpful if you can suggest some quick solution for it. Thanks…


FFT is the algorithm to calculate frequency powers. You can find many code examples here.


@Enigma644, are you taking into account non-uniform time-stamps that are coming from Muse? Any idea about why those happen? Is it really sampling at non-uniform time intervals or those timestamps mean something different?


You can read my post on timestamp delta here.