Android SDK storing algo based MuseDataPacket(s) with MuseFileWriter


In documentation it states that MuseFileWriter ignores alghoritm based packages (ALPHA, BETA, THETA etc…). Does API documentation is updated that latest SDK still doesnt store them? If yes do you know any workaround or I should implement my own FileWriter? Also I notice you have used JNI call for filewriter is this because you have already implementation for this Class or because of performance? I am asking because if I have to implement my own filewriter should I go through JNI way or use java buffers (or proto etc…).


OK please ignore I solved by with my own file writer


Where in the documentation does it say that MuseFileWriter does not write any ALPHA packets? I don’t see that mentioned in

I do notice that ALPHA packets do not get written to disk so I’m really curious how you solved this?