Any disadvantages to the 2014 headset over the 2016?



From what I’m reading I want the 2014 headset to support museIO so I can get direct access to raw data. But, was there anything added to the 2016 version that I’ll be missing out on from a developers standpoint? I’ve looked at the hardware sheet and it just seems to be a change to bluetooth LE, which is actually causing some problems for mac users, so maybe nothing of value? How’s battery charge after a few years of use on these?

I’m thinking of buying a used headset off of ebay, I think the distinguishing features on the 2014 headset seem to be that the power button does not have a label and that the muse logo is in grey, vs the 2016 with blue logo and a power icon. Can someone confirm that though?

Thank you for your advice!


The both have advantages.

Pro MU-02 (2016) model Muse.

  • Bluetooth LE is way easier to use than pairing with the older MU-01 (2014) Muse.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Battery will be newer than if buying a second hand model MU-01.
  • Faster raw data rate (256Hz vs 220Hz).

Pro MU-01 (2014) model Muse.

  • MuseIO support.
  • Two AUX ports for extra sensors (vs 1 on the MU-02).

Personally, I’d get the new MU-02 2016 Muse. MuseIO support, I’m sure will be coming very soon and while you’re waiting you can use Muse Monitor to stream over OSC for data capture.


Thanks for your detailed response! I didn’t realize they were intending to offer support for MuseIO on the 2016, thought it had been deprecated. But you’re right, they claim to still be working on implementing it, though as of yesterday when I emailed them they still have no idea when it will be released.

Good to know I have the option of Muse Monitor!


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