Any news? Muse support in third party neurofeedback apps, games etc


Is there anything in the pipeline?

I really like my Muse, and am happy with the Calm app and the amount of effort InterAxon have put into it.

But I’m also disappointed in the lack of third party consumer apps, in particular neurofeedback ones, that support Muse, after so many years. Games would be great, too.

Is InterAxon troubleshooting this? Is it due to InterAxon not prioritizing this, due to Muse hardware limitations, price, incomplete developer tools or something else?

It seems like InterAxon participates in most events related to neurogaming, brain computer interfaces etc., and yet from what I can see, it seems like there has been relatively little cooperation with third parties resulting in new apps or support for Muse in existing apps.

Neurosky is not as good a device as Muse, but it is supported in many, many more apps. Why?

Any thoughts?


Neurogaming! Wow! I will love these games of mindfulness. I remember that a year ago, I sent an email to the Muse team and suggested to design a game about meditation and pet.

In this game, player chooses a pet (cute, ugly or brisk, etc.) and feeds it. Player needs “money” to buy food for the pet. In the game, the player earns the income by doing meditation. The player has to do a LOTS of meditation everyday in order to be rich so as to purchase more food. The more food the player provides, the faster the pet can grow. If the player does not meditate very often, then due to food shortage, the pet is going to be sick or dead. :smiley:


Like you I would like to see more games and apps that allow for mind training.
For this reason, I have been looking at the Emotiv products but their top headset is $800 and the Insight at $300 doesn’t have as many apps that work with it.
I did try Opti Mind and Opti Brain which are iOS apps that supposedly allow you to train your brain and track your brainwaves. They work with the Muse.
I just signed up for a 1-month rental for $9.99 and will not be renewing.
I found them to be confusing and kind of useless.
You may have a different experience and for only 10-bucks they might be worth a try.
I think also that Myndlift is developing an app for the Muse but I have no idea where they are at.
You can sign up for an email update on their website.
It’s frustrating to see things move so slowly.
But Muse doesn’t charge for their SDK so you would assume that would attract a lot of developers to the product.


Hi skyblue - thanks for joining the discussion. Some interesting news, too - I had no idea that there were other apps for Muse out there than Calm and Muse Monitor.

It would be great if InterAxon kept track of third party apps and announced them on FB/Twitter and here on the forum. Each app that supports Muse is yet another strong reason for a prospective buyer to choose Muse over the competition. Attractive enough apps and games will sell headbands on their own merit…

From what I know myself, the guys behind the Mindway app also plan(ned?) to support Muse (the app starts out with a screen with a picture of the NS headset and another of the Muse with the text ‘coming soon’), but as of now it only supports Neurosky headsets.

I’d like to reiterate that it would be great to simply combine Muse with a binaural beat or isochronic tone app. There are tons of them available, many for free, and it shouldn’t be TOO difficult to integrate one of these with a function that sends Muse brainwave info back to the app and adjusts the entrainment frequency according to the data received, so that the entrainment becomes more effective.

I’ve also kept track of Emotiv, but the EPOC is too expensive and difficult to set up with saline and all, and the Insight seems almost like a beta product at present. And Muse already works!

So more developers developing or supporting Muse would be absolutely awesome…


The annual large gaming event E3 is coming soon within two weeks. This causes me to imagine that in the near future, there are some companies who will announce some large games of an entire new genre - not RPG, not FPS, not action, but Neurogame!

I predict that those companies will be the new leaders in the game industry, as well as health care and education industry.