Any non-UWP windows libraries?


Are there any non-UWP windows libraries, so we could use Muse-2016 in our c# eeg research app? I’ve tried muse-io but then found out that it’s not compatible with the latest device we have. Now I’m trying to wrap Muse static library into DLL to load it into our .NET Windows Forms c# app and I even doubt if that’s even possible. Maybe there’s some lower-level library not tied to UWP platform that could be easily used by .NET app?


Same issue here. I currently use muse-io on a Delphi application (that uses a lot of APIs forbiden for UWP apps), and hoped to make a DLL from libmuse and load it dinamically, but aparently UWP DLLs can only be loaded by UWP apps.

I’m willing to backport libmuse to .NET (and Linux, by the way) and create win32/win64 DLLs from it. Any change of opening the library source code, or at least the documentation of the band’s bluetooth protocol?