Any other tool for visualization


Since I can not visualize raw data win muse lab, I was wondering whether you know other tools for the visualization purpose.
FYI, I am using windows10, headband 2016 (2).


I have built an online visualizer at which works with Muse Monitor’s CSV format recordings.

Here is a sample recording you can use to see it working.

There is also an Excel Macro available here: if you want to do you own custom visualizations.


Thanks for your reply
Sounds interesting,
Do you have any equivalent tools which may retrieve raw streaming data from udp (muse direct) and draw the same charts?
thanks again


Sorry no, my free online tools only work with Muse Monitor data file.




You should be able to visualize both filterd and raw EEG data with Muse Lab when streaming from Muse Direct (best with ISO version, but windows should work too). I can do it with Muse Lab on both macbook and surface pro


Thanks for your reply.
The problem is that with MuseLab my display panel weirdly still black (sometime gray).
I don’t know what is wrong with my config.
I am using windows 10.
Is there any other build of MuseLab?
Thank you guys.


There is also Mac and linux version of Muse Lab. Could you see the signal even though it was dark ? did you use Muse Direct to stream to Muse Lab?


After days and days of install, reinstall, Interaxon support for Muse Direct and Muse Lab in Windows 10 and still not seeing any brainwaves on my screen, I figured out it was the Bluetooth dongle not opening on my Dell PC, although it worked on other PC’s in the store.

Unfortunately, no one seems able to fix that for me, so will be having to set up and use another (dedicated) computer to get everything paired up and meet my goal – visualized brainwaves! Will follow up if that works. Otherwise, have started exploring other headbands and Macrotellect brand looks cheaper and more intuitive to use.


Do you have a smartphone or tablet? It’s very straightforward to visualize brainwaves using MuseDirect for iOS, or Muse Monitor for Android. Either one can then forward your data via wifi to your Windows PC, if you really want to see the data in Windows.


There is a free App to visualize (streaming) data from the Muse headset as graphs or brainmaps. You can use the data stream coming from MuseMonitor (over WiFi) or use MuseDirect (over BlueTooth). The App can be downloaded from

There is a new version coming up - some students in the UK are still testing it – with several neurofeedback possibilities like: stereo-sound, starting/stopping a movie, and changing-color screens.


I use Atomicuschart .
This tool provides with unique interpretation of complex data obtained from physical and mathematical measurements. You can visualize any amount of data.
Get free trial - . good luck