Any updates on next Android release?


As an Android developer without access to an iOS device, I’ve been eagerly waiting for the new firmware and app for the past couple months.

Could anyone from Interaxon provide any kind of progress update? …is it even underway?


I’d also like an update on the Android release… All we keep hearing is “it’s taking longer than expected”. We’re developers… we get it… estimates are hard, shit happens, it’s taking longer than expected… that also doesn’t satisfy us in any way… Please be more open with regards to what’s going on! Give us updated estimates, give us progress reports… give us some reason to continue supporting Interaxon… I’m not going to waste my time developing for an incredibly specific piece of hardware that’s not communicating with it’s audience and developers, and seems to have abandoned my main platform.


As of right now our estimate is that it’ll be out by early Q4. Things are chugging along!


I have gotten the TestLibMuseAndroid to run on an Andriod virtual device with Android Studio. But virtual devices do not seem to support Bluetooth. Is there any way to get Muse Headset data into a virtual device, or must I always have to take the program over to a real Android device like a smart phone?


You can use Virtualbox to create an android VM with bluetooth support. Use the images on Using a real device is much easier though. I only use the VM when I want to test on specific display sizes or with older android versions.


Thank you, [B]Enigma644[/B]. Virtualbox looks daunting. I am considering buying a Samsung Galaxy S4 (note “4” not “5”) real device. Does anyone know if this smart phone works well with the Muse Headband?