Anyone has the muse2 after using muse1 and can share feedback?


Hi, I am using the 2017 version of Muse and love it. I wonder if someone here bought the new Muse2 headband and can share with us if it contributes to a better meditation. I am starting to feel that even the feedback that I get from my version of Muse may be too much as it makes you thinking about it or wanting to get more birds or silence of it instead of just focusing, now with the even more headband sensors, I am a bit concerned that for me, it will be counter productive or simply negligible.


You need to treat that feedback as a background, your subconscious mind should still make use of the feedback even if you consciously ignore it.


I have had both and can tell you there is absolutely no difference, I paid $300 more for 2 instead of getting a replacement model 1. All the reported extra features are not actually present in the app. Great idea great product, terrible company that think it’s OK to rip off customers.


A lot of complaints about BT connection issues with M2 on the Facebook group but it works fine on my iPhone 6S+. I like the HR meditation, breath is interesting but needs more than the 4/6 inhale/exhale option, and I haven’t tried body. Mostly Mind. I’d hold off to see if BT gets fixed before chancing a M2.