Anyone here familiar with Javascript / NodeJs?


Hi all,

I’m came across an article that uses the Muse for blink detection using voltage thresholds from electrodes AF7 and AF8. The article is linked here.

The article explains it well and gives a step by step process of constructing the code, and posts the full code on Github. The problem is that when I tried downloading the code and running it through NodeJs, I came across some errors, most likely due to outdated packages. I am not familiar at all with Javascript: the only JS I have learned is through meddling with this code. From what I understand, the prerequistes are:

  • NodeJs
  • Angular
  • Muse-js
  • Rxjs
  • Typescript (?)

Would it be possible for anyone to run this code and post their results here if it works for them? The github link is here.

Thanks in advance.