Anyone meditating using Hemi-Sync or The Monroe Institute audios?

Hello there:

Anyone here meditating with Hemi-Sync or other binaurals produced by The Monroe Institute?

I would like to share some experiences with meditators in general, but particularly with ones exposed to the binaurals used at TMI.


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Hello, I use binaural beats with Muse and ear so many birds.
I start with 24 Hz and gradually move to 5Hz on 20 min.
The graphic well represent my mind state.

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Oh, cool!

Which frequency ranges do you choose to graph? All of them, including Gamma?

It was on meditation and can’t record with muse direct at the same time. But the meditation graph was clear, I use application call Binaural Beat on I phone and the wave sound play in backgroud of muse meditaion.

So now i’m trying to connect my muse 2 with my PC but did not work yet.

How do you use muse with binaural beats? Is thera an app for that?

I REALLY need someone to answer this. I have been desperately searching for someone who can program me a binaural beat/hemi sync app for android phones that works with the muse headband because i desperately need it as part of a spiritual healing process I’m going through.

Hi Dane:

Not sure about running all from the cell phone, but my idea is to listen to the binaural from another source, and ignore the birds from the Muse app. You can check the results later in the app. You will only miss the tweets during the meditation.

Hello Daneclark,
I’m using I phone And download binaural

Wish that will help you.

I’m still having trouble understanding exactly how I’m supposed to ensure that my mind is in sync with the beats. That’s why i think the birds would help.

Do not.become too dependent on the feedback from the app. You can run the app but listen to another sound source, with the binaurals. (Yes,.let’s not become too dependent on binaurals as well, but they contribute to the meditation directly. And not all binaurals are created equally - Hemi-Sync has some extra juice).

Just so you know, i have aspergers and often have trouble processing the idea that my way isn’t the only way. Especially because i still dont understand exactly what is is that i need to do while I’m listening to the beats, or if I’m even capable of doing something so precise without some sort of guide

Hi Dane:

Ok… I don’t know what is it like to have aspergers, but the principles of the binaural beats (specially the Hemi-Sync, which is what I consider safer than just picking some random YouTube videos) can be seen on this video:
There are many types of meditation, and binaural beats can help by putting your hemispheres in cooperation (vibrating at the same frequency). We should not try too hard to experience anything in particular while meditating. Just silencing the mind OR analyzing one feeling, one idea can be the objective of meditation. I highly recommend Hemi-Sync for meditation, in general.


I love TMI and testing entrainment effects is one of my primary research interests. I would like to configure data streams from the muse2 and HeartMath emwavepro into matlab to track hrv coherence and EEG dynamics during different inductions.

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Cool… I want to do that too.
I would like to monitor the variations of the frequencies, including gamma if possible, on both sides of the brain.
But need the right data…
Any article or web site you recommend for such configurations?


Working on it. I’m finishing a dissertation so have to work on this during “personal time” but more time to come soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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My wife and I spent a week at The Monroe Institute using their Hemi-Sync technology via The Gateway Voyage (TGV) residential program. We bought the home version of TGV (and hundreds of dollars of Hemi-Sync CDs) so we could continue to work with the deeper Focus Levels or deeper states of consciousness.

Lately, I’ve been searching for a good way to see my brainwave activity while trying different meditation processes, techniques, and technologies such as Hemi-Sync. This is total mind-geek candy to me. :grinning:

It’s looking like using a Muse is a good starting point and I’m eager to begin experimenting. But first, I have to buy a Muse.

Good stuff gonna happen real soon, y’all!

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TMI uses or used 200 Hz carrier (4 Hz binaural beat) 204 Hz carrier (4 Hz monaural (4 Hz monaural beat) beat) 204 Hz carrier (4 Hz binaural beat) 208 Hz carrier (4 Hz monaural (4 Hz monaural beat) 208 Hz carrier (4 Hz binaural beat) 212 Hz carrier. For their main OBE inducing states

I just finished the “The Gateway Experience” set of nine Hemi-Sync CDs. The entire set is about learning how to get into mild self-hypnotic trances. So, it is not really meditating. Having said that, I had done about 200 prior sessions with Muse and all of this stuff falls into what Charles Tart called in his book by the same wordage, “Altered States.” Of course, Hemi-Sync offers lots of single CDs, and many if not most, would be supportive to meditative programs, but their “The Gateway Experience,” cost more than a few bucks and is not a direction in my estimation what most people would want to go. Check out their site for more info.

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Yes, I took the Gateway Program at TMI (5 days/6 nights there), and also got the take away audio and bought the full collection. That’s what I use to “meditate” currently… but I should go back to just silent meditation, as I think that also helps with my Lucid Dreaming initiatives.