App request


I seem to have found a very precise brainwave state that i want to entrain myself to. I really need someone to make an app that will make some kind of noise whenever im in this precise state. It appears to be a state where i’ve very gently quieted down all of the “noise” in my head without thinking about my own consciousness. This shouldn’t be too hard to program and i would very greatly appreciate it


Look up Binaural beat apps and play with those sounds, there are a few you can download on your mobile. Certain frequencies will relax you, and some will seemingly stress you out. Find what works for you in this state of mind and try not to get frustrated in looking for it.


I’m trying to practice “no thought” meditation and need something rather specific. The presets on the muse app seem to be more designed for more general meditation. I need something where the rain only stops when my mind is so clear and quiet that it puts me into a deep hypnotic trance


Bump. It seems like this should be very easy to program. I’ve been asking repeatedly for someone to do this for me and no one seems to get that i want something that’s very specific yet easy to program


Bump. Finding it very hard to believe that there is no one here who can fullfill this very specific and yet very simple request. This is something that literally anyone with the dev kit should be able to do in less than a day. I really really really need someone to do this for me.