App suggestion for enterprising developer(s) - neurofeedback with binaural beats


The Muse SDK would lend itself to creating a neurofeedback app that generates the right binaural beat frequencies to entrain the brain to descend into a meditative (or other) state. Similar to what Sleep Shepherd Blue is doing (

Obviously you can’t sleep with the Muse headband on (and the battery wouldn’t last all night even if you could) - but using binaural beats to entrain the brain into a meditative state seems like an interesting project.

Alas I lack the development skills to write this, but would be happy to provide feedback, etc. to anyone interested in working on this.



Agree 100%. Please, someone with the know-how, make it happen! I will also be happy to be an alpha/beta tester.

Last year I tried to introduce InterAxon to the people behind Neuro Programmer and Mind Workstation to each other, but it seems nothing resulted from that.


Hi Daivd, I shared your similar thought but soon I stared to wonder why exactly you would need the EEG for the entrainment. What difference does it make than just listening to a binaural beats from a mobile app? I am not arguing, just to share my curiosity with you. You have mentioned Sleep Shepherd Blue. But I cannot find any data supporting their claimed method. So just wonder if they made it up for the marketing purpose. If the EEG feedback method is solid for entrainment, I think I can make some tech approach.



I am a professional developer, and I have a bit of experience developing in iOS, but very few to say the truth (I work mainly in COBOL, Java and C++). I made a couple of apps using Objective C for my own entertainment years ago. But I like the idea so much. Making an app that could enable you to select the desired EEG range and generate the appropriate binaural sequence and monitor your activity based on that selection would be really interesting. I suppose that was the idea you are proposing, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


By the way, I am new to Muse. I am waiting to receive it next week. First I would have to experiment with the official app and some of the third-party apps that are in the market to check its potential.


Hi Mossa, I am also interested. My background is 10+ years of algorithm. If you would like to take the idea further, I’d be glad to share thoughts and some work. I have a MUSE and have seen the data from the SDK platform.


Glad to heard that. I’ve just received Muse two days ago. It seems to work fairly well, but I still have to prove it on different subjects: no meditators, intermediate meditators and even a real swami. Depending on the results obtained I would consider to go further or not.

I will keep you informed!:wink:


Great. I am also trying the NeuroSky headset for the similar functions. They seem quite similar in many ways.


What about is its software? Does it show the frequencies you are using?
I am trying with Muse and Muse Monitor but it’s a bit confusing. I was expecting to see only the Hz activity where my brain was at a certain point, but I see one line for each frequency. I understand that the most high of the lines is the predominant frequency, isn’t it?



I just wrote some code to export the raw data to a text file. The data look fine to me. I believe you can do the same for MUSE. I have not got chance to investigate yet.


I returned the gadget because I understood I don’t really need it to meditate (I’ve been doing it from a long time ago). Nevertheless I have to admit is a good choice for someone new in this practice, but still too expensive for most of the people.
So I won’t write code for it, sorry.


You’re right - if you have a long meditation practice already, it is unlikely you’ll need this. Just wished you would have pursued the binaural/EEG idea, though.

Jedi2Nunchakus, are you still looking at doing something with this?


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