Apple App Store PPID


What is the Muse’s “MFi Product Plan ID (PPID)”? This appears to be required to get my app approved.


Is the app approved yet?


Rejected, until I get a PPID from Interaxon :frowning:
I’ve emailed and they’re working on getting one for me. Unfortunately it’s likely going to be another ~9 days after I resubmit before it’s approved.


Ok thanks for the update! Good luck.


Hi [B]Enigma644.[/B]

Have you been able to get the PPID and resubmit for approval yet?


Unfortunately, no movement yet. I’m still waiting on Interaxon to add my app to their MFI plan.


What a pity, this certainly wouldnt stimulate iOS development. Thanks for the update though. I hope it will be available soon.


Is there still no update on this?
There should have been a warning for all devs to hold off on iOS development if we planned to use the App Store.


Interaxon have been emailing me every week or so, but no, there’s still no real progress!


Here is a +1 hoping this can be solved soon. I would also like to use your app, Enigma644.