Apps working with Muse



I’m trying to find other apps than Calm working with Muse.
Does it exist ? If not yet, please do you know what kind and about when…? Is there a webpage about new and future apps compatible with Muse or something like that ?

Thank you.



We have almost ready app that reads emotions and we are waiting for muse libraries to end it. We can’t wait until we can show it to you - muse is the first gear of sufficient quality so that we can built that app.


Are you writing some apps that can show the different Brain state (Alpha, Theta, Delta, Beta, Gamma) separately ?
So we can use it to control in each moment what is our prevalent Brainstate.


we are still waiting for the muse API, then we will start doing apps


I need necessarely about one apps (also for the Win PC) which let me know the brain states separately because I want to check some tecnique about these kind of waves. Please let me know when the apps are ready for Windows PC and Android devices.
Anyway, waiting the apps, someone can explain me how to set Muse Lab to see these brainstate? I used to see only the channels with waves in mV, I read some post about to set 0 to 1, but, I didn’t understand well exactly how to do. Can someone explain me better (maybe recording video screen)? Many thanks in advance in any case.