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I got a FUNNY reading in Muse Monitor during todays meditation. FUNNY as in extremly FUNNY. The numbers where FAR off to what they usually are. I recorded the session, but when opening the .csv file in Muse Monitor “online charts from csv” - there is no info in the “average absolute brain waves” box. There is some info in the “accelerometer” box, the “gyro” box and the “raw” box, but nothing in the “average absolute brain waves” box - which is the box that I’m interested in. Due to some cognitive inabilities I am not able to put my head around the info in the other boxes, and would get confused if somebody tried to explain it to me. The “average absolute brain waves” box however I have managed to understand somewhat. I think I understand why the reading was funny, I had just taken my ADHD-medication (amphetamine on prescription) and had just done some yogic breathing exercises - and it bothers me that there are no “average absolute brain waves”, since it would be fun to show to my ADHD doctor. Is there an explanation for this? I did manage to take a screenshot that represents the session and can mail it to you, together with a screenshot of a more normal session. ps I have tried to register in Muse Monitors own forum, but with no success ds


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