Attention vs Meditative state classification

I’m currently working on a school project at Concordia University (Montreal) using the Muse Headset. The basic idea is to control a particle-based system with the data from the Muse, ideally in a way that if the user is in an ‘‘Attention’’ state the system is more agitated and if the user is in a ‘‘Meditative’’ state the system will be less agitated. We have the hole OSC streaming setup working using the Mind Monitor app, so we can use all of the data coming from the muse into Jitter (our video processing software). The only issue is that we are no neuroscientists and I’m having trouble finding algorithms to help me classifying these two states which in theory should be quite simple I believe.

This is not a research project so it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, maybe just something I could start with.

Thank you very much!


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I did something like this for a music project and used brain wave states to distinguish between conditions of attention/vs meditative. I thought it worked pretty well. It was written in PureData. I can dig it up if you are interested.


I am totally interested!