Audio feedback (stormy weather, birds)


First, I have to say that I’m surprised to find that (neuro)feedback on meditation can help. I’ve been meditating for years (often struggling), but when using Muse, there seems to be a difference in finding the right ‘spot’ in the meditation.

However, what I find confusing is that I often get audio feedback that seems to be a mishmash of the different states; for example I’m almost always hearing the stormy weather (Beach soundscape), but sometimes mixed with calm water and/or birds. Is this normal, or are the sounds supposed to be more seperated?

When I practice longer, the stormy weather seems to be getting less, but I still hear it more than I would think from the graphs that I see after the practice. I’ve included a small graph that shows a typical session (albeit just a short one).


I found that it is very useful to mute feedback (stormy weather) and background (ocean waves) volume. Keep only birds. This way I can completely focus on breathing (feeling, sounds) and when I hear birds I note what works. Otherwise Stormy weather and waves takes my attention completely.

Maybe it is easy this way and later when I learn pattern I can use feedback and background.


Agree with Kirill. I’ve seen others post that they also turn off the background sounds. I did too, and prefer it. I’ve kept the feedback on, but reduced the volume, with birds most prominent. Works for me, but your milage may vary. Experiment and see what you prefer. Enjoy!


I am fairly new but I must say I am just the opposite. I turn down the birds because every time I hear one it sends my feedback sound up like crazy turned them down to barely heard and much better now. :ok_hand: