Automating Muse Direct



I am working on an exhibit where I need to automate everything on boot, including Muse Direct (on Windows 10 with two 2016 headsets). I need to have Muse Direct start and activate a bluetooth connection with two headsets automatically. I have a .bat file that will start Muse Direct but how do I tell it to start to listen for a particular bluetooth connection? I understand that muse-io could do this but it will not work with 2016 headsets. Is this correct?

EDIT: I have sort of solved this the following way but it seems hacky.

  1. Create a shortcut to Muse Direct using “Explorer.exe Shell:AppsFolder” to find app
  2. Create a .bat file that opens the .lnk shortcut
  3. Use AutoHotkey to click on the bluetooth activation button