Basic question


I recorded I session using MuseMonitor and saved in csv (I can’t use muse I/O because I have the 2016 headset).
Now looking at the result I have something like:

2017-12-23 20:04:50.422,0.8957866,0.20394063,0.26636305,1.1717639,0.678793,-0.3945578,-0.34512532,0.5343511,0.8933672,-0.033608153,-0.18546937,0.9414748,0.32375455,-0.6214784,-0.6041854,0.47482136,0.021973118,-0.63416356,-0.64555204,0.21464093,754.285^C

I understand the date, time and I am reading the info in “available data”… but how can I find exactly what which column is?

Sorry for the basic question, I am just starting and really confused…

Thank you!


The very first line of the CSV file has the column names.
If you have the 2016 Muse, the columns will be:

TimeStamp, Delta_TP9, Delta_AF7, Delta_AF8, Delta_TP10, Theta_TP9, Theta_AF7, Theta_AF8, Theta_TP10, Alpha_TP9, Alpha_AF7, Alpha_AF8, Alpha_TP10, Beta_TP9, Beta_AF7, Beta_AF8, Beta_TP10, Gamma_TP9, Gamma_AF7, Gamma_AF8, Gamma_TP10, RAW_TP9, RAW_AF7, RAW_AF8, RAW_TP10, AUX_RIGHT, Accelerometer_X, Accelerometer_Y, Accelerometer_Z, Gyro_X, Gyro_Y, Gyro_Z, HeadBandOn, HSI_TP9, HSI_AF7, HSI_AF8, HSI_TP10, Battery, Elements


agh Enigma, thanks a lot…
I knew I was asking something very stupid, but still had to…
I was checking the file through command line, used tail etc and was sure there were no columns…
just opened the file with excel and saw them…

TimeStamp Delta_TP9 Delta_AF7 Delta_AF8 Delta_TP10 Theta_TP9 Theta_AF7 Theta_AF8 Theta_TP10 Alpha_TP9 Alpha_AF7 Alpha_AF8 Alpha_TP10 Beta_TP9 Beta_AF7 Beta_AF8 Beta_TP10 Gamma_TP9 Gamma_AF7 Gamma_AF8 Gamma_TP10 RAW_TP9 RAW_AF7 RAW_AF8 RAW_TP10 AUX_RIGHT Accelerometer_X Accelerometer_Y Accelerometer_Z Gyro_X Gyro_Y Gyro_Z HeadBandOn HSI_TP9 HSI_AF7 HSI_AF8 HSI_TP10 Battery Elements

sorry for the post!
(ehm, you can all expect new ones as I am starting my project and I am sure I will encounter a lot of problems :smiley: )


No worries.

Don’t forget, I have my new online charts now :slight_smile: