Best USB Dongle for Mac?


Hi, I’m trying to use multiple headsets on one computer at one time on a Mac computer, streaming data from the headset into Processing.

When using just 1 headset, it always works fine.

With two, I can get the datastreams working, but if I connect/disconnect one of the headsets, I usually can’t get it reconnected – it gets hung on the Terminal window script – and have to restart the computer.

The problem seems to be happening on more than 1 Mac, exactly the same conditions. 1 headset is fine, 2 creates some connection issues.

I’d like to get up to 4 headsets going, if that’s possible.

What I’m wondering is if anyone has tried any of the recommended Bluetooth dongles on the Mac with multiple headsets, or without, from this list (or otherwise)

What confuses me is that it doesn’t seem like there is any driver software for these dongles for the Mac – maybe it doesn’t need any. I’m not sure.



Hi Scott,
Thank you for pointing out this issue. We will take a look at muse-io to make it possible to work with multiple headbands without any extra dongles on OSX.
You are right, most bluetooth dongles don’t have official drivers for OS X and drivers are required. However it is possible to make them work even if it is not officially supported:


I have bought a inateck dongle and I am trying to follow your links instructions. Problem is that the vendor id and product id don’t appear as described in the info.plist file and I am not sure where I should insert my product and vendor id. I am using mac os 10.11.
Thank you for your help