BEWARE: electrostatic from a balloon is enough to disrupt Muse

So frustrated as I am with the muse 1 device and it’s accuracy or lack thereof, I’ve been doing some experiments to see if electrostatic or other phenomenon are interfering with its accuracy.

So I bought a balloon and rubbed it on my head to build up some static. Then I held the balloon about an inch away from my forehead/muse (close enough to feel the static on my skin) and the muse signal disrupted when I do this. According to the muse monitor the electrodes that drop vary depending on position of the balloon.

I did this about two dozen times and did it a few time with just holding my hand in front of my face as a control and there was no drop out. I stayed very still etc. to ensure that it wasn’t just movement or something.

This makes me wonder about how your results will change depending on clothing and your environment. Sometimes just rubbing your feet on carpet is enough to build up static in your body.

This isn’t too surprising, right? They make it clear that the Muse will pick up muscle movements (e.g. eyes, jaw, etc), so I’d be more surprised if it didn’t pick up charged balloon. If you’re worried about it, maybe get an electrostatic discharge band.

And don’t rub balloons on your head while meditating :wink: