Birds while daydreaming


I’ve been meditating for a year and using Muse daily for 18 days so far. It’s been extremely useful and helpful, but I’ve noticed one strange thing: I often hear birds, continually, when my mind has wandered off into a daydream. I don’t realize it at the time, because I’m focused on whatever the daydream is about, but after I come out of the daydream, I remember that the birds have been chirping the whole time–and they’re still chirping. Sometimes the birds even make me realize that I’ve wandered into a day dream,

This only seems to happen when (a) I’ve gotten the birds to start chirping before the daydream–but focusing on my breath, and (b) when it’s a “light” daydream. By which I mean that if I’m having complicated or anxious thoughts, I don’t hear birds. I hear the storm. I only hear the birds during the daydream when it’s a pleasant or neutral one–if it doesn’t bring up any strong emotions or strenuous intellectualism. Both this state and focusing on my breath seem to allow the birds to continue.

This hasn’t been a real problem for me, in terms of strengthening my practice, because, when I realize I’m hearing birds, I take it as a signal to focus on my breathing, rather than as confirmation that I have been focusing on it. And strengthening my practice is mostly what I care about.

But when using Muse a diagnostic tool, it’s a little misleading. Unless I misunderstand what “calm” is supposed to represent.


happens to me too
i hear birds and then regain awareness/attention
and then wonder why i got birds if i was daydreaming
like you i only hear birds in this situation if i am relaxed

in other words, i can sometimes “think” and still get birds if i am in a certain relaxed state of mind

i think it’s an a flaw in the algorithm but would be curious to hear what others say


I’ve been using muse for two weeks now and I’ve also begun to experience this on several ocassions. I also had my father setup his own account and his first 3 minute session he earned 20+ birds by visualizing himself as a boy with his mother.

I’ve also noticed that Muse seems to put me in the neutral zone when I’m focusing on my breath and calm when my mind begins to drift into pleasant “day-dreams”.

I fee that this is a miscalibration or fundamental flaw with the device and I would appreciate a response from someone at muse to clarify this experience.


I’ve noticed the same thing as others in this thread. Has anyone from Muse responded?


For me, whenever I hear the birds, I find the mind quite relaxed. I think not trying too hard is important for me to be relaxed.


I even get birds when listening to joe rogan podcast


That’s just the state we go into when listening to our messiah.


Muse seems to start with Concentration Meditation and then shift to Insight Meditation. Since Insight (Vipassana) is an open monitoring meditation, it is characterized by high frontal theta.

High frontal theta is the frequency of day dreams AND… deep meditation. As long as you are also focused on your breath, you should be getting the benefits.

Article on Muse brain waves

There is nothing wrong with the devices, it’s simply our preconceptions of meditation and the blank mind.