Blink Detection Reliability


I’m considering using a Muse to detect eye blinks in an communication app (iOS) for people with ‘locked-in syndrome’ (completely paralyzed, full cognition, some voluntary facial movement and expression capabilities, unable to speak or (sometimes) see). How reliable is the eye blink detection?


The Muse SDK blink detection is really good. There are sensors right next to the eyes, so the muscle movement creates quite a large spike in the raw data which they have to filter out. You can see the result in the raw eeg data in the promo video for my Muse Monitor app [Android/iOS]. At about 1 min 22secs in the video you can see my eye blink: There is an API call specifically for blink detection and from personal testing, it works perfectly.


Thanks. I saw in another thread that someone had a problem with the iTunes App Store accepting their app. Did you have any issues?


Ah! I see that it was your post that referenced the ‘Muse’s “MFi Product Plan ID (PPID)”’. Can you describe what happened with Apple over that?


Yes, that was me! Luckily it’s all sorted now. Basically I had to have my app put on Interaxons MFI approved list in order for Apple to begin the app store review process. Because mine was the first app, Interaxon hadn’t got the process sorted out, so it took ages!

ow my app is on the approved list and they have a process in place to make it nice and easy. Once I was on the list, I resubmitted my app for approval and 9 days later it got approved and went live. Also worth noting, I recently updated it to add basic blind user accessibility and the approval process went as per normal and got cleared 9 days later.

If you’re working on an iOS app, just email them and you’ll have a much smoother ride than me!