Bloototh not linking to Mac


Hi friends, trying to pair my muse headband(with a power symbol) with MAC IOS Macbook.
The issue is i dont get any flashing lights nor does it show up on blootooth set up screen
any help here?


Hi 1000_Petals,

Check which version of the headband that you have. Only the 2014 version (2 USB ports, blank power button, MU_01 model number) can be paired and connected with a Macbook currently. The 2016 version (1 USB port, power symbol on the power button and MU_02 model number) uses Bluetooth Low Energy and can not currently be connected to a Macbook.


Is the problem one of hardware or of the OS? If the former, is there any way to use a USB BlueTooth 4.0 LE adapter?