Bluetooth connection fails upon upgrading to Windows 10


I have a Samsung laptop (model NP900X3C) running Windows 8.1 and I use it to record sessions with Muse using museplayer and Muse Lab. I tried upgrading to Windows 10, but then the bluetooth connection to Muse stopped working. When I reverted to Windows 8.1, everything worked again. In researching the problem, I came across something having to do with changes in how the ‘bluetooth stack’ is handled. Any guidance on how I might get my laptop/Muse connection working under Windows 10?


I ran into a similar problem when I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10. But after a while (after some reboots?), it started to work again just fine. Perhaps there is an intermittent issue with the driver? Would be good to hear from Interaxon on this topic.


I have the same problem
does any body have solve the problem